[Histonet] Peloris Processor

Judy Collins JCollins <@t> palmbeachpath.com
Mon Apr 2 08:53:22 CDT 2007

We have the Peloris rapid tissue processor.  It is xylene free but does
not use microwaves.  It uses isopropyl alcohol after the reagent alcohol
to remove all traces of water and then goes straight to the paraffin
from there.  Amazingly, and contrary to everything we have been taught,
this works!

It processes small biopsies in approximately 1 hour.  Shave biopsies
take approximately 2 hours and the larger specimens 4 to 6 hours.  We
find the processing to be at least equal to routine processing and in
many cases, superior to it.  Because it does not use xylene, the tissues
are not hard and brittle as they can sometimes be with routine

It has two separate retorts which can run two separate runs at the same
time.  We are able to process our specimens throughout the day instead
of everything being processed at night as in the past. It has greatly
improved our TAT.

The Peloris tracks the number of blocks run and, based on this, tells
you when to change the various solutions.  As a result, we have saved a
significant amount of money on reagents. 

We are extremely happy with ours.

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