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Mon Oct 16 16:19:18 CDT 2006

  The temperature produced by the magnetron is "controlled" by the temperature probe  adjusted to the processing protocol; you can have 1200W and a working temperature of 50ºC so wattage in itself is not a deletereous agent just provides the capability of getting to high temperatures quickly, if needed..
  Not all technologies are alike and the Xpress uses 60W continuously in the first 2 chambers. PATHOS is pure microwave technology and Xpress is a blend of MW and conventional technology.
  In the Xpress the first 2 chambers are identical and  using MW technology and bubble agitation. The other 2 are just 2 conventional retorts with convection heat and vacuum capabilities, operated at 65ºC.
  The molecular integrity does not relate to the process but to the tissue fixation. Formalin greatly prevents RNA studies but any alcoholic fixative like Kryofix, BoonFix or the propietary by Sakura (UMFix) will preserve the macromolecules either if the tissue is going to be processed with MW or conventional technology. Any good alcoholic fixative containin PEG also will preserve the macromolecules.
  Both PATHOS and Xpress are "walk away" instruments but Xpress allows for the continuous addition of up to 30 cassettes every 15 minutes, for an overall work flow of 120 cassettes after 105 minutes, and 30 more every 15 minutes afterwards. The limit is the thickness of the sections (have to be 1.5mm thick) and some tissues have to be previously fixed from 4 to 4.5 hours before processing.
  PATHOS can process tissues of up to 5mm at a rate of 210 cassettes/4 hours (fixation included) for thick tissue slices or 210 cassettes/1 hour for small biopsies.
  Hope this information will help you!
  René J.

Gregor Arlt <histology-consultants <@t> hotmail.com> wrote:
  Dear Histonetters,

I have heard the Pathos would use 600 Watts for the microwave processing. I 
can't imagine that this is right. In my opinion this would destroy the RNS 
structure of any tissue. On the other hand I heard tissues processed in the 
Xpress would be easy to use for molecularbiological investigations.

Has anybody experience with those instruments, or know anybody the power of 
the microwave of the instruments.

Thanks for the help Frank

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