[Histonet] RE: anti-human TNFR-1 anti-mouse TNFR-1 and 2

Guillermo Palao gpbnas <@t> yahoo.es
Fri Mar 24 13:12:57 CST 2006

Again, any suggestions for good commercially available antibody for mouse TNRs 1 and 2 (CD120 a,b) are most welcome. 
  Thanks for all previous and future help in saving time with painful optimizations of non-working antibodies.

Alessandro Serra <alessandro_serra <@t> chiron.com> escribió:
  Dear All
Has anybody used succesfully any commercially available anti-human 
TNFR-1 (CD120a)?
If yes, could you please be so kind to tell me which one?
Thank you very much for your help
Alessandro Serra, BSc.


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