[Histonet] Change in tissue preparation- paraffin to OCT

Yak-Nam Wang ynwang <@t> u.washington.edu
Wed Jun 28 13:43:57 CDT 2006


We have various tissues fixed in formalin and brought to 70% alcohol (as if
we were going to embedd in paraffin). However, due to limited equipment
access (we now have access to a cryostat but not a microtome), we would like
to prep this tissue for cryosections. Seeing as it is at 70% alcohol, would
I need to bring it to 100% PBS before running it through the sucrose
solutions to cryoprotect? Also, does anyone know if there would be any bad
tissue effects of us doing this - i.e. Should we try harder to find a

Thanks in advance for your help
Yak-Nam Wang

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