[Histonet] Staining MMA flourochrome labeled sections

Casey Holliday holliday.casey <@t> gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 15:23:15 CDT 2006

Hello all,

I have a modest number of bone-labeled specimens about ready to be
"fixed" and embedded in MMA. To make the most out of the data set, I
was hoping to stain (Toluidine Blue) the same sections for tissue
morphology that I was going to use for studying bone deposition. Are
there any problems, hinderances, or special techniques with using
T-Blue (or another preferential stain) on these tetracycline/calcein
labeled slides? Second, is alcoholic formalin now considered to be
superior to alcohol for retaining the tissue's morphology in plastic

Many thanks


Casey Holliday, Ph.D.
Instructor of Anatomical Sciences
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dept. Biomedical Sciences
Ohio University

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