[Histonet] Fixative studies

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Fri Jun 23 15:03:30 CDT 2006

Some suggestions.
This is a short list.

1.	Mann, Gustav 1902. Physiological Histology. Methods and Theory.
Oxford at the Clarendon Press. This text deals in detail with methods in
histology and for fixation with the history and rationale behind using
various chemical agents as fixatives.

2.	Pearse A.G.E. The Chemistry and practice of Fixation. Chapter 5
pages 97 -158. In Histochemistry Theoretical and Applied vol 1. 4th
edition. Preparative and Optical Techniques. 1980. Excellent description
of fixation chemistry and extensive list of references. vol. 2.
Analytical techniques 1985. vol 3. Enzyme Histochemistry 1991. Churchill
Livingstone, London.

3.	Arnold M.M., Srivastava S., Fredenburgh J., Stockyard C.R. and
Myers R.B. 1996. Effects of fixation and tissue processing on
immunohistochemical demonstration of specific antigens. Biotechnology &
Histochemistry 71: 224-230.

4.	Beckstead J.H. 1994. A Simple Technique for Preservation of
Fixative-sensitive Antigens in Paraffin-embedded Tissues: J. Histochem.
Cytochem. 43: 345.

5.	Isaam Eltoum, Jerry Fredenburgh, Russel B. Myers and William
Grizzle. 2001.  Introduction to the theory and Practice of Fixation of
Tissues. J. Histotechnology 24 #3 173- 190.

6.	Hopwood D. 1985. Cell and tissue fixation, 1972 - 1982.
Histochemical Journal. 17: 389-442

7.	Prento P and Lyon H. 1997. Commercial Formalin Substitutes for
Histopathology. Biotechnic & Histochemistry. 72 (5). 272-282.

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