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Tue Jun 13 12:42:36 CDT 2006

The method for DAB disposal was written up in the first edition of Dapson 
and Dapson Hazardous Waste book.  I am not sure what is in their new 
edition.  NSH may also have guidelines for DAB disposal from their Safety 

I think we will see more and more guidelines, it has happened in our 
city/county/state/USA in the last year or so, and even for 
households.  They hold local waste chemical disposal for households 
biyearly, but university is under the gun, and we abide by some very strict 
rules at all times.

The cost may be an issue, but it may cost more when one is 
fined!!  Unfortunately, that is something that can happen and when we least 
suspect it will happen. It is not nice to live under the threat of punishment.

  It is nice to know the kits are available - it would have been nice to 
know this when your first message came out sans treatment suggestions - a 
company should always strongly advise using the kits along with chemical 
safety, and that should be regardless of cost to avoid drain dumping of DAB 
waste.  This is what I wondered about from your initial message and glad to 
hear Ventana has such thing available or can recommend a kit if they do not 
have one manufactured for them.

It is a problem, but we have only seen the tip of the iceberg - we don't 
like to be regulated to death, but chemicaled to death isn't much better.

At 10:57 AM 6/13/2006, you wrote:
>Absolutely agree with you. The less waste thrown down the sink the better.
>You will notice that Joe said he used the same method I mentioned for his 
>Dako waste. Maybe they recommended it, or perhaps like myself (excuse me, 
>Joe for assuming here) it is a method he has heard of and used for a 
>number of years, for me I knew of it a long time before joining, or even 
>knowing about Ventana.
>Various countries have a variety of methods of disposal, some can afford 
>disposal companies, some cannot, some have guidelines set up for disposal, 
>some do not. Within countries there is variation, and yes cost is an issue.
>There are certainly kits that can be purchased for use with our 
>instruments for disposal of waste, but that is up to the individual lab. 
>Ultimately their preferred method of disposal is determined by their local 
>I too would prefer to see more fixed guidelines, but with such lab/country 
>variation will this be possible?
>If you have any recommendations please share.
>Best regards

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