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Absolutely agree with you. The less waste thrown down the sink the =

You will notice that Joe said he used the same method I mentioned for =
his Dako waste. Maybe they recommended it, or perhaps like myself =
(excuse me, Joe for assuming here) it is a method he has heard of and =
used for a number of years, for me I knew of it a long time before =
joining, or even knowing about Ventana.

Various countries have a variety of methods of disposal, some can afford =
disposal companies, some cannot, some have guidelines set up for =
disposal, some do not. Within countries there is variation, and yes cost =
is an issue.
There are certainly kits that can be purchased for use with our =
instruments for disposal of waste, but that is up to the individual lab. =
Ultimately their preferred method of disposal is determined by their =
local guidelines.
I too would prefer to see more fixed guidelines, but with such =
lab/country variation will this be possible?

If you have any recommendations please share.=20

Best regards

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There has already been a great deal of discussion about this problem, =
specific guidelines are often in place and implemented, even in remote=20
areas and for small(or large) laboratories.  Have you done a Histonet=20
Archive search on messages concerning this issue, it is there and been=20
going on for a LONG time - well over 10 years or more - this is not a =
issue.  Our laboratory has been well aware of DAB treatment for disposal =

and did it for a time, but opted NOT to do it long before we were =
by regulation to cease but collect.    This treatment never addressed =
by product issue i.e. what happens to the DAB after chemical=20
treatment.  Are the byproducts going to be just as bad or worse?

If a laboratory can afford any kind of expensive immunostaining =
such you sell, or even if they do manual IHC or other routine stains, =
they should be able to afford collection/disposal services or seek such =

We are a very small user of these compounds you mention i.e DAB, silver, =

any heavy metal compounds (chromic acid) even if only 25 mls of the =
stuff -=20
it is collected for disposal.  Solvents never go down the drain.  As for =

bleaches, detergents, and disinfectants,  wastewater plants do allow=20
certain things but these are also common to households, not just=20

As far as I am concerned and there are a lot of others who might=20
agree,  ALL labs, no matter if they are the "little guy" need to address =

and implement chemical waste collection and disposal.    The only time =
could change is an exemption in a locale but laboratories need to find =
if an exemption is in place before the dumping.  Once again, users =
beware -=20
check out what is allowed for your area.

  I'm curious - you never said if this is your company's stand for DAB=20
disposal or if it is just your comment.  Does Ventana advise/tell people =
treat their DAB wastes for drain dumping?  It certainly would not be a =
policy to do so and does not encourage people to be responsible for =
chemical usage.

I liked the idea of one lady's  suggestion to use TBS DAB-Out, maybe =
is an answer and I compliment her on her seeking a solution to the =

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