[Histonet] histotechs grossing and CLIA regs (again)

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CLIA regs apply to any lab that bills government insurance (Medicare,
Medicaid, Tricare) or does work for any clinic or pathologist that bills
those companies.  

One point is that your #1 response is slightly flawed.  The person
doesn't actually have to have the Associate Degree if they have the
minimum collage hours in certain areas.  The long answer from CLIA '88
1. An earned associate degree in a laboratory science
or medical laboratory technology, obtained from an
accredited institution, OR
2. Education/training equivalent to the above that
includes at least 60 semester hours or equivalent from
an accredited institution.  This education must
include 24 semester hours of medical laboratory
technology courses, OR 24 semester hours of science
courses that includes 6 semester hours of chemistry, 6
semester hours of biology, and 12 semester hours of
chemistry, biology or medical laboratory technology in
any combination.  In addition, the individual must
have laboratory training including either completion
of a clinical laboratory training program approved or accredited by the
ABHES, the CAHEA, or other organization approved by HHS (note that this
training may be included in the 60 semester hours listed above), OR at
least 3 months documented laboratory training in each specialty in which
the individual performs high complexity testing.

As to Florida license I would guess it would require at least an HT but
that is only a guess.  I would have to defer that answer to someone more
versed in Florida law.  Good Luck

Charles Embrey Jr., PA(ASCP)

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Fellow techs,

I know this topic has been mentioned several times in the past but here
I go again. I think the general interpretation ( from previous postings)
on CLIA regs for histotechs grossing is the following:
1) After 1995 a person must have a minmum of a AS degree in a science (
Bio, Chem, Biochem, MLT, etc). 
2) Before 1995 no degree but documented training in grossing.

My questions are: Do these CLIA regs apply to all independent labs
including POL's (Physician Office Labs)? I am currently with a POL derm
lab and this question has come up. 
Also, in the state of Florida, is a state of Florida tech license
required to gross ( in my case all derms)?

Sorry to rehash old topics but I just need some additional input.

Ron Martin
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