[Histonet] Sakura coverslipper Model 6400

Darren James djamesnz <@t> orcon.net.nz
Fri Jun 2 15:53:21 CDT 2006

Hi there,

I have used both tape and glass coverslippers extensively and while the tape
coverslippers are very fast they do have their drawbacks.

I accumulated quite a collection of slides over a period of time, most were
coverslipped with tape. When I opened the slide box a few months ago I had a
great collection of blank slides along with another collection of tape
complete with sections. Apparently the tissue has a higher affinity for the
tape than glass.
I have heard that a second generation of tape has been released which
largely resolves this but I have not had experience with this.
In my experience with glass coverslippers (of many brands and models) I have
encountered good and bad. They can break down frequently but other times
they run for weeks with no problem.
I have seen a great little glass coverslipper which is reported to be the
fastest on the market. It has an incredibly small footprint and completes
the whole coverslipping process in 2 actions. It is made by some guys in
Norway (I think).

Another thing I didn't like about tape was the continual variation of the
surface i.e. it is never totally flat, unlike glass. The pathologists didn't
seem to mind though and they were the ones reporting.
Removing the tape is also a bit of an art form. If you just leave it to soak
you can end up with a sticky mess. If you time it right however it peels
right off. With glass you leave it in xylene until the coverslip falls off.

Guess it's 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

Have a good one.

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How does the tape last over the years?  Right now, we coverslip manually,
but have been thinking about getting a coverslipper in the near future.
I've heard mixed emotions when it comes to tape or glass coverslips.  We
save our slides for 20 years.  Does the tape stay adhered?  I remember
receiving a case a while ago that had tape coverslips on them and they were
all falling off.  Some of the patient tissues adhered to the coverslip so it
created quite a mess trying to mount the rigid tape coverslip back onto the
slide.  Needless to say, they were not pretty when we got them back on.  
Just wondering,
Karen Bauer HT(ASCP)


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I will NEVER go back to glass. Our Sakura tissue-tek SCA coverslippers are
workhorses. They have not needed service in over three years. The previous
supervisor ordered a Tissue-Tek Glass coverslipper and it is collecting
dust. It is not as fast as the tape and the techs feel the need to watch it
as it coverslipps because they do not trust it. There are many myths and
reasons that people do not like tape coverslippers. I will let the others
get into those reasons but for my ulcer I would not have anything else but
the tape. Good luck!

Douglas Deltour HT(ASCP)

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Hi Histonetters,

I'm demoing this automated glass coverslipper for two weeks. The person who
currently repairs (frequently) my tape coverslippers said "if I think I have
problems  now, moving to a glass coverslipper will be even worse".

What are your opinions?


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