[Histonet] RE: Fisher Omnicassettes

Osborn, Sharon sharon.osborn <@t> dnax.org
Fri Jan 13 11:21:44 CST 2006

	What a response! Thank you!  Many of you emailed or tried to
telephone about wanting the cassettes or suggestions for them.  I apologize
for inadvertently combining my lab and home number to print an invalid one.
Perhaps the incorrect phone number served a greater purpose since the Henry
Cogswell Community College of Everett, WA found a way to get the correct
phone number and contacted me directly. We are in the process of working out
the shipping details to get the 9 cases (4500 cassettes and lids) to them.
Plus, we  have some slides, coverslips, etc that will be included.
	So, again, thanks for the response!  And, do you have coverslips,
slides, staining dishes and slide carriers, embedding centers, IHC machines,
processors, microtomes, blades, cassette and slide labelers etc. that you no
longer use and are squirreled away in a drawer, back room, storage, etc that
you could resurrect and donate to the college?  I have been in hstology long
enough to know this is often the case--so rather than trash these items,
donate!  Shipping is sometimes an issue,,,see if your organization will pay
and take a tax deduction... some will, some won't--tis worth a try!  Then
work to figure out another way to pay for shipping.
 	 I suggest you contact Larry Boyd directly to see what they need,
desire, wish, could use...his contact information is:

email:  l.boyd <@t> henrycogswell.edu.  
 Larry D. Boyd
Lecturer-Microbiology ad Assistat to the President for Bio-Medcal Scences
Henry Cogswell College
Peed Hall
3002 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201
phone: 425.258-3351 ext 106

To your wealth and your health!
Sharon Osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA
650-496-6539 *the correct phone!

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