[Histonet] Bone marrow aspirate smears

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We assisted the docs doing the bm biopsies.  We provided a anti-coag.(edta
or heprine) lined tube to collect the aspirate in, then carried it back to
the lab and made the smear preps and cell blocks for histology blocks in the
lab, I found it more efficient to do in the lab than at the patients
bedside, we tried to get in and out of the patients way asap.

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Hi Kari:
  In our hospital the residents sample the bone marrow and prepare the
smears in site and place them in regular slides folders.The aspirates are
fixed in neutral buffered formalin and both are brought to the histology
  The smears (already air dried ) are fixed with methanol as any blood smear
and 2 are stained (Wright-Giemsa and Perl's for iron) and the rest saved for
any further test (like IHC). 
  The aspirates are filtered and a block is prepared for histology. The
small bone fragment is decalcified with EDTA (only) for 4-6 hours, and
processed afterwards.
  This protocol has worked well for over 20 years.
  Hope this will help!
  René J.

Katri Tuomala <katri <@t> cogeco.ca> wrote:
  Hi Histonetters,
This is a bit outside of histology, but I'll try for help anyway. A research

colleague of mine is wondering, how to best collect bone marrow aspirates 
for making smears or cytospins for immunocytochemistry. What if the marrow 
collection is done in one place and have to be transported to place of 
testing? Any ideas, who would have general information about this type of 

Katri Tuomala
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

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