[Histonet] Thalamic lesions in Alzheimer mice

Benoît Delatour benoit.delatour <@t> ibaic.u-psud.fr
Tue Jan 3 10:09:31 CST 2006

   Dear all,
   First of all, happy new year!
   I  was  wondering  if  one  of  you may have an idea concerning a very
   curious  lesion  we  recently  observed in the thalamus of "Alzheimer"
   (APP)  transgenic mice. Most specifically these lesions are located in
   the  ventral  posterior  complex  (Ventral  postero  lateral (VPL) and
   Ventral  postero  medial (VPM) nuclei). They do not seem to be visible
   in other brain regions.
   Results from neuropathological examination are the following:
   -These  lesions  are  mainly  associated with VPL/VPM amyloid deposits
   (plaques) and have a cristal-like appearance with a Nissl stain.
   -They are positive for iron (PERLS-DAB) and calcium (Alizarine red)
   -They  do not seem to be associated with vascular abnormalities (fact.
   VIII IHC) or enhanced inflammatory reaction (lectin IHC).
   If  someone  has  been confronted with similar observations or has any
   ideas/suggestions  concerning  the  origin  /  pathological  mechanism
   associated    to    /   identification   of   such   neuropathological
   alterations... (I can send microphotos to anyone interested).
Thanks in advance!

B. Delatour

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