[Histonet] Coleman / Fisher Scientific Products

Coleman Manufacturing coleman_manufacturing <@t> yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 08:03:25 CDT 2006

Let me first say I hope this message does not make anyone mad, for I  know HistoNet was intended for educational and information sharing purposes only. With this said, I am Justin Coleman with Coleman  Manufacturing out of South Carolina. Just wanted to post a message to  everyone informing all that CMD is now a direct distributor for Fisher Scientific. We distribute any and all products from Fisher to a number of labratories currently. For  example, we distribute laboratory equipment (Microwaves, cryostats, etc.), laboratory reagents, special stains, and disposables. Please do  not hesitate to contact us if we can help you out; maybe we can do better  on pricing for you!   
    Thanks to all,   
    Justin Coleman   
    Coleman Manufacturing & Design   
    South Carolina   
    803.633.2124 office   
    803.635-9401 fax 

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