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Tue Aug 29 06:18:38 CDT 2006

We also use Copath but I'm not aware how to pull a separate log for 
specials. I don't work on the LIS end of the system. Which leads me to my 
question, does anyone who uses copath know how to just get the slide label 
that you need? When we order levels the entire case reprints. It is such a 
waste of labels.

Sheila Adey HT, MLT
Port Huron Hospital

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>The Facility I am presently working with has the Co path + operating 
>system.  I am total ignorant of the system, but I am sure there must be a 
>procedure for sorting out special stains. The Techs are presently going 
>through the entire Log and listing the special stains manually.  The entire 
>procedure can take up ward to 45 minutes for an experienced Tech and much 
>longer for a first timer.  Hopefully some one out there can suggest a 
>procedure for pulling out only the special stains on to their own log, and 
>hopefully a means of logging each special stain on their own log so 
>separate work sheets could become a thing of the past.
>    The path department has already approached the LIS department, but 
>there seems to be some sort of language barrier present Java vs simple 
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