[Histonet] Meditech LIS

Laurie Colbert laurie.colbert <@t> huntingtonhospital.com
Mon Aug 21 10:13:50 CDT 2006

Can someone that uses Meditech in Pathology give me some feedback on the system.  To what capacity do you use it in Pathology/Histology?  Do you use it to accession specimens in the grossing room?  Do you use it to print up a worklist at the end of the day that the histotechs will use for embedding and cutting?  Do you print cassettes, slides, and/or slide labels using the system?  Can you pull statistics out?  
Although we are getting Meditech in Pathology, I have been told that we will not be getting it in the grossing room, because we would have to pull up the histories when we are accessioning.  Right now we use a typewriter to log everything in.  I have worked with several LIS systems before, and we were able to just enter very basic info in order to accession the specimens.
I would appreciate any info that you can give me - thanks!

Laurie Colbert
Huntington Hospital
Pasadena, CA 

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