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Molinari, Betsy BMolinari <@t> heart.thi.tmc.edu
Mon Aug 14 10:53:41 CDT 2006


I am frustrated. I have been struggling to solve this problem and now
turn to you.

My H&E's  come out of the stainer with this blue line across them. I
have juggled times, rinses, solutions.

The slides are cut at 4-5 microns. This is my current protocol

Dryer: 20 min

Xylene x3 5 min

100 % x3 1 min

95% 1 min

rinse in tap

rinse in DH2O

 Richard Allan hematoxylin 1  1 min ( initially started w/ hematoxylin 2
but staining was too dark, I have juggled these times from 15 secs-1

Rinse in tap 2 min

Richard Allan Clarifier 2  30 secs (have played w/ this time too)

Rinse in tap 2 min

Richard Allan Bluing 1 min

Rinse in tap  2 min

95 % 1 min 

Richard Allan Eosin Y 45 secs

100%- Xylenes  I min.

 The staining is acceptable..good nuclear staining but still that damn
blue streak! Any suggestions?



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