[Histonet] meniscus/tibia attachments histology

Diego Villegas dfvilleg <@t> mtu.edu
Mon Aug 14 10:19:28 CDT 2006


I am working in the histology of meniscus/tibia attachments.  I am 
looking for the collagen orientation and distribution, and GAGs content 
of meniscus-midsubstance-bone.  I found that bone needs to be 
decalcified (I use 10% formic acid) before fixed in 10% NBF.  My 
questions are:  Could the decalcification affect the structure of 
midsubstance and meniscus?.  Do I need to put the bone after 
decalcification in ammonia solution or Can I jump this step?.  What is 
the time recommended for washing the samples after decalcification?

I would appreciate your advice.  Thanks,

Diego Villegas
Michigan Tech
e-mail: dfvilleg <@t> mtu.edu

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