[Histonet] Autotechnicon program

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Fri Aug 4 17:04:43 CDT 2006

 Sara at UCSD (University of California at San Diego maybe?) asks about Technicon processors.
The autotechnicons were programmed by using a round disc with notches on the edge. During processing, as the disc rotated a peg falls into the notch and activates the machine to advance the basket of cassettes to the next solution. Both 24 hour and 1 hour programmes were available. I seem to remember there was a separate disc for the one hour program which had a broad ridge of metal on the BACK of the disc. We  still have a technicon we use only for CJD cases but I don't know what model it is or if we have a manual for it (And its Friday afternoon and I am too lazy to walk up the hall to look...!)
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