[Histonet] Autotechnicon Mono manual

Janet Maass jmaass <@t> frii.com
Fri Aug 4 22:39:14 CDT 2006


I believe the same motors and clocks where put in the mono and dual level 
Autotechnicon.  There was a slide holder that fit on the Technicon.  It had 
two large springs in which you put your slides in and then release the 
spring to tighten and it would hold your slides in place.  This slide holder 
fit into the hanging device that the basket fits into and the slides would 
dip into the containers.  I would use the 24 hour clock at night and the 1 
hour clock during the day for staining. I had two xylene jars for the 
beginning xylene then I would start the slides in absolute alcohol as there 
were not enough containers on the Technicon..

Janet Maass 

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