[Histonet] An Offer of Gratitude

Louis Apuzzio LJApuzzio <@t> msn.com
Wed Oct 26 06:11:53 CDT 2005

Hello Histonetters;
       I would like to thank each and everyone, for their suggestions and aid for seeking an opportunity in Histology. There has been positive responses, in addition to some negativity. My search still continues and I thought all was well, within a 24 hour period.
I had been offered a position, in the private sector, resume' sent, letters of recommendation were also used and lastly, active managers were available to discuss my character and performance. All was too good, then the bottom dropped out. I was packed and ready to move forward, then the big concern of not being "certified".
I am not in search of a " free meal ticket'" and desire only to satisfy my goal of becoming HT registered. One has to be gainfully employed, within the field, to obtain the necessary materials to satisfy the BOR.

I only ask that an opportunity, with an open door be granted to satisfy my personal quest and also to be a team member.

LJApuzzio <@t> msn.com

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