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Sun Oct 23 14:27:52 CDT 2005

   The  Nevada  Society  of  Histotechnology  will  be  having their next
   business and seminar Oct. 28th and 29th. 2005

   There  will  be  a Friday evening get together with the vendors.  This
   will start at 5:30 pm.

   Coffee  and  Rolls  will  be  provided  by Fisher and Leica.  Saturday

   Saturday sign in starts at 7 am.

   Meeting starts at 8am.

   First meeting

   Pam Marcum-"Is Your Tissue Processor fighting you?  Fight back."

   There  will  be a business meeting with lunch.  Lunch will be provided
   by Sakura and Cardinal Health.

   Afternoon meetings

   1  pm   Sandra  L.  Cummings-  "Putting the bug in Histotechnology.  A
   basic understanding of Microorganisms.

   To  Follow-  Maianne  Mailhoit- "Exposure control plan for Blood Borne

   This  meeting  is  free.   If  you  need ceu's this is the time to get
   them.  5.0 ceu's at this meeting.

   Vegas is the best place to be on Halloween weekend.

   Please email me with any question of call 702-396-4079

   Connie Grubaugh

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