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Sat Oct 22 21:34:41 CDT 2005

Our PA swears by Dissect Aid ...... she uses it at both hospitals where she  
works.   She slices the tissue into thick slices and just covers it  with 
Dissect-Aid, and after an hour or so, the lymph nodes turn white and become  very 
easy to spot.
Dissect Aid is a product of the Decal Chemical Corporation:
        Please take a look at  Dissect Aid on our website, 
www.decal-bone.com.  It  is 
a special fixative  for revealing lymph nodes which we have  been 
manufacturing for  over 20 years. You can call our toll free number or  reply 
to this email for  a free  sample.

.            Cliff  Berger
Decal  Chemical  Corp
_www.decal-bone.com_ (http://www.decal-bone.com) 
I hope this helps you!
Karen Raterman
St. Mary's Health Center
St. Louis, MO 63117
_krat18 <@t> aol.com_ (mailto:krat18 <@t> aol.com) 

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