[Histonet] Staining of plastic embedded samples

holling <@t> med-in.uni-saarland.de holling <@t> med-in.uni-saarland.de
Mon Oct 24 07:15:54 CDT 2005

I´ve got a problem with staining plastic embedded samples.
The samples are embedded in Technovit 9100 new. The blocks are polished and sticked on a plastic
slide. With a hand saw I cut them and the slides are getting polished again and afterwards they
are getting stained.
Now my problem: I do the Masson Goldner or MSB stain, but the lightgreen or methyl blue doesn´t
appear in the colored slice. Both are only red-brown.
I don´t remove the polymer (with 2-methoxyethylacetat) before staining, because of the plastic
slides. They also dissolve.

I hope anybody could help me.

Thanks Nicole

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