[Histonet] Block cutting protocols

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First of all, the obvious answer to your question is a resounding NO.  And
(I believe) this is a cardinal rule which should not be broken.  You state
that you want "unbiased" responses, due to unknown circumstances by the
members of the histonet.  That's fine, but how in the world is there bias in
this situation.  It's cut and dried, you don't do it ever, under any
circumstances.  It's like lighting a cigarette while pumping gas!  I do
suspect that you may be trying to convince an administrator or some higher
up with limited knowledge of clinical pathology of this fact.  Or, you may
be dealing with a "maverick" tech, that believes this enhances speed in
sectioning or something along those lines.
I may be wrong about all this, but whatever your reasons are good luck to
you as this truly is a "no-brainer".

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Hello All:
I hope that you all won't "flame" me with this question.  I do not want to
offer any information yet as to why I am asking.  I want your responses to
be unbiased by the circumstances for which I am asking.
The question:
Do any of you techs cutting clinical paraffin embedded blocks, lay out
multiple ribbons from multiple blocks on your water bath at one time and
then pick up your sections for each block?  
I would like tech and supervisor responses please.  Thanks so much.  You
guys are always such a help.

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