[Histonet] TH and golgi-cox?

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Hi Ninian:

    As for Golgi-Cox, John Kiernan is the man to ask. As for a nuclear 
stain to go with TH, I have used Toluidine Blue, Thionin, Cresyl Violet 
and Celestine Blue B with excellent results. Assuming you are 
demonstrating TH with DAB, get some of Vector's "Intense", it turns the 
DAB a nice golden color which goes very well with any blue nuclear 
stain. If you are intensifying the DAB with nickel+cobalt a red nuclear 
stain would look nice. I don't know why neutral red did not work for 
you, I suggest a fresh batch. Or try "Scarba Red", a neutral red 
variant. See Slidders et al., J. Pathol. Bacterol. 75:476-478, 1958.


ninian H wrote:

>Hi all,
>Does anyone know about combining golgi-cox  with tyrosine hydroxylase staining? the main purpose of mine is to distinguish different layers of cortex and  TH positive fibers. I'll appreciate any information  that might help me to see both pyramydal cells and TH containing fibers in cortical areas. 
>Also  co-staining with TH and neutral red didn't work out, and TH -stained neurons didn't stain with red color , any idea or suggestion? 
>Thank you in advance,
>Ninian, ph.D student
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>I wonder that oxidation will do this but that there will be consequences for the antigens that you are working with. Years ago, I remember using Periodic acid and then Borohydride as a peroxidase block but that PD726 samples from Oxford did not work at all. The LCA is obviously a run of the mill antibody now and carbohydrate moities a significant part thereof.
>Any suggestions/
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>Subject: [Histonet] removal of carbohydrates/glycosylation
>Does anyone know of a method to remove carbohydrate 
>modifications/glycosylation from proteins in tissue sections on 
>slides prior to immunohistochemistry? (I know it's a weird 
>question.) Any suggestions, references, etc. would be greatly 

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