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I agree... that's a good idea Connie!

Just one thought from personal experience is that not every employer in
every profession will pay for CEU's, even though it might be 
required to keep up their registration status. I'm one of those recently
registered (meaning CEU's are required for me) & if my 
employer pays for any of my cont ed, I'll be thankful (and I think they will
pay for part of it, if not most). It's not their responsibility 
to see that we get our CEU's, it's ours. I think that if someone wants to
keep up their registry, they need to suck it up & do what they need to 
do in order to keep it up. 

I went to plenty of CE conferences for my previous profession & had to pay
for most of it myself (and I was an unregistered OTJ). Even the 
non-OTJ people had to pay their own way most of the time. There was no
requirement for me to take CE, but I wanted to keep abreast of current
techniques & sometimes it was just plain fun.  CE doesn't have to be like
pulling teeth for goodness sakes. 


Kristen Broomall, HT (ASCP)

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I'm a bit lost in this thread, but from HISTOPATH's querry, I'm
understanding her/him to mean that new regs from ASCP will require CEU's
in order to retain the registry.  I think CEU's are a good idea even if
you're working in the field.  However, my experiece has been a bit
different.  I had a hiatus from histo for a period of about 10 years. 
However, I also had about 10 yrs working in the field prior to that. 
During that hiatus period, I learned EM, got my BS in biology, worked as a
microbiologist, learned tissue culture/virology, then came back to
histology.   During my hiatus, I kept my ASCP registration.  I paid my
dues every year, even when $$ were hard to come by.  By reading the
Laboraory Medicine journals that came to me, I was able to keep informed. 
 I wish I had had the internet in those days!!!

I firmly believe that anyone can do anything if they have the desire to do
it.  All they need is the opportunity and someone to support them/believe
in them.   Many times in my career as a laboratorian, I have been the
recipient of both.  What this means for someone who takes a hiatus for
whatever reason is -- during your time out of the workplace,  keep abreast
of the technology in the field.  This can be as simple staying tuned to
Histonet and visiting other internet sites.

Wouldn't it be a coold idea for the NSH or ASCP to provide some way for 
people on hiatus who want to keep current to take the CEU's  by some sort
of deferred payment plan or a loan or something until they successfully
return to work???  Or is there already such a plan in place??? Just
rambling off the top of my head.  *g*

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Histopath said:
> I have a question about the certification also.  If one were to get
> certified this year and leave the industry for a period of time, say to
> raise children, she or he would not be able to go back to histology?
> Without an employer to help with the cost of CEU many might not be able
> to keep their certification.    As mentioned in another email you do
> not "lose" your BS degree from an accredited university.
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