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This question of what are levels, deepers etc. has come up now and then through the years.
In most cases the pathologist is looking for something he suspects may be there, either because of a hint of it in the original or because the clinicians are suspecting it. In a sense, it doesn't matter how you arrive at finding it, he just wants it found. There is a sub-set of that situation where the lesion is just there but very small and he wants to see it bigger and better but is frightened it may get cut through. This I personally request as "levels - shallow trim", *and* I go see the techs to ensure we are on the same wavelength. This equates to Robyn's "recut".

Occasionally one may need what I call semi-serials, which is cuts at levels, but serialed at those levels. Mostly this is for affections of hair follicles, when you are just trying to get one in the plane of section.

I know as a fact from previous posts that people have different terms for the same thing, and that some have a very styled rigid system for detailing what is to be done, which I think is not necessary.
The bottom line is to know what the pathologist is trying to find and knowing how best to do so.

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Deepers and levels are one in the same, a recut on the other hand is
"right off the top".  Basically, you don't go into the block at all. 
Or, maybe different parts of the country call it different names...just
my two cents.


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Stepping out on a limb, here...
 in my mind, "deeper" is just what the doc said, it's a recut. 
on the other hand, implies a specified depth ... 10 um, 15 um,
per level.  I would think that whatever depth defines a "level" would
part of the way things are done in the lab (there's a term I'm looking
for and it escapes me at the moment...grrr ... old age).

this is an interesting question, one I've never delt with before. 
that's my thinking on it, for what it's worth.

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Victor Tobias said:
> We have this on going issue of the use of the terms such as deeper
> levels. For this example let's use 3 levels vs 3 deeper sections.
> is no question regarding the understanding of 3 levels, but what
about 3
> deeper sections? My immediate boss says 3 deeper sections are
> essentially 3 recuts at one deeper level. In talking with some of
> techs, they would treat 3 deeper sections the same as 3 levels. We
> to clean-up our database and eliminate any confusion. Pathologist
> they are ordering this and get that. Any comments?
> Victor
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