[Histonet] Expiration date

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Thu Jun 16 14:12:49 CDT 2005

I totally agree with you Luis, what a great idea! In fact I just used
anti-CD31 MEC13.3 that was over 6 years old and the staining was fabulous

Also, I find the ones that "expire" are the ones with lots of people using
them and therefore have lots of dirty pipet tips dipping in or out or 
have constant temperature fluctuations from continuous (and sometimes
careless) use.


> Just a thought.....
> Perhaps people could donate expired reagents to a local histology
> program.....I don't know about the logistical or administrative issues
> that
> might be involved (there always are).
> Just as a side note.....I have antibodies (research) that are over 7 years
> old that still work perfectly fine. In fact, out of a ~400 hundred
> antibodies I have in stock, there are only a handful that truly "expire".
> The most unstable tend to be raw serum or ascities preparations with out
> preservatives, but this can be easily corrected to prevent deterioration.
> Commercial antibodies tend to be relatively stable if handled
> appropriately.
> L

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