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Just a thought.....
Perhaps people could donate expired reagents to a local histology
program.....I don't know about the logistical or administrative issues that
might be involved (there always are).

Just as a side note.....I have antibodies (research) that are over 7 years
old that still work perfectly fine. In fact, out of a ~400 hundred
antibodies I have in stock, there are only a handful that truly "expire".
The most unstable tend to be raw serum or ascities preparations with out
preservatives, but this can be easily corrected to prevent deterioration.
Commercial antibodies tend to be relatively stable if handled appropriately.

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What should we do with antibodies and reagents after their indicated
expiration dates? Theorectically they shouldn't be estable after the
expiration date but we do know that most of them still works perfectly...
should we just throw them out and not use them anymore, wouldn't this be a
way for the manufacturers manipulate their sellings? Need some opinions...



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