[Histonet] Expiration date and new EA question.

Katia Cristina Catunda kccatunda <@t> uol.com.br
Sat Jun 18 09:56:14 CDT 2005

Thanks for all your answers, we'll probably donnating the products to a 
resarch institution near here.

Now we are having papanicolaou's EA problem over here... slides are getting 
too redish and  my feelings tells me that our main problem our last eosin's 
batch, at the same time we are thying to addjust our EA recipe... Nowadays 
we use: eosin y, bismark, light green (main solutions dissolved in distilled 
water) absolute alcohol and some drops of phosphotungic acid and lithium 
carbonate. Trying to find new recipes I've found all sorts of them.. using 
vesuvine instead of bismark, using fast green instead of light green and 
dissolving main solutions in alcohol instead of distilled water. As we have 
been using this stain battery for more than 5 years and just know we thought 
we should better update it I am completely lost... What recipes do you use, 
is fast green better than light (read that it should be better fot stock 

Thanks again,


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