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I have done Immunohistochemical staining with DAB as a chromagen and
then performed an acid fast stain on top of it.  It worked just fine. If
you want to see an image there is on our web page.  I would not think
that staining with LFB after the immuno would be a problem as long as
you use DAB for a chromagen.  There is a nice article in Histologic (I
don't know what issue, maybe Vinnie will know) which demonstrated a
method for immunohistochemistry and PAS staining in kidney sections.
You just need to go the sakurausa.com and search the older issues of
that publication.


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I am trying to stain using LFB in combination with the Vector ABC
kits.  For the Vector Kit staining, I am using a biotin-conjugated
antibody, which then conjugates with an avidin-peroxidase molecule which
reacts with a DAB substrate.  Does anyone know if these two methods are
compatible?  If so, is it preferable to do either one first?
my lab has run out of Lithium Carbonate for the LFB protocol, can I
substitute with Lithium Chloride?  I'm trying to stain formalin fixed,
paraffin embedded mouse brain.  Thanks for your help.  Email me any
questions or suggestions you have.  Thanks.   


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