[Histonet] liver cryosections

Till, Renee TillRenee <@t> uams.edu
Tue Jul 5 10:39:33 CDT 2005

Can anyone offer some advice on cutting liver cryosections? My every
attempt produces shredded tissues. I know in paraffin embedding that
means they are dry and I would soak it in ice water before I cut, but
what do you do with cryosections? I'm pretty sure it's not my cutting
technique, though I am fairly new at it. I've adjusted the roll plate
and the vacume window. And I've tried it without the roll plate, though
as we are just starting out with our cryostat I don't have any good
brushes for pulling the section. Any ideas? Maybe they did not have
enough time to come down from -80 to -20? I left them in for about 2




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