[Histonet] liver cryosections

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The block is too cold.  -20 degrees is an appropriate temperature for
sectioning many tissues, but some tissues require a lower temperature and
others require a higher temperature.  For liver, try -15 degrees.  For some
samples you may have to go as high as -12 degrees.

Paul M.

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> Can anyone offer some advice on cutting liver cryosections? My every
> attempt produces shredded tissues. I know in paraffin embedding that
> means they are dry and I would soak it in ice water before I cut, but
> what do you do with cryosections? I'm pretty sure it's not my cutting
> technique, though I am fairly new at it. I've adjusted the roll plate
> and the vacume window. And I've tried it without the roll plate, though
> as we are just starting out with our cryostat I don't have any good
> brushes for pulling the section. Any ideas? Maybe they did not have
> enough time to come down from -80 to -20? I left them in for about 2
> hours.
> Renee' 
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