[Histonet] RE: pathologists in the lab (shivers down the spine...) was "left handed microtome"

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"OOOHHH, there it is."

Oh, the days in the lab... My favorite is the pathologist who came in late
in the evening, opened the (already running) tissue processor and then spent
two hours grossing, occasionally lobbing a cassette into the processor. Next
day he (and all the other pathologists) was mad that his blocks were were
two hours late - but soon he was hiding under his desk after he explained
what he had done and all the other pathologists turned on him. Luckily, only
his blocks were wrecked - he had lobbed them in while the processor was late
in 100%, and did not fully dehydrate. 

It is truly amazing how ignorant most pathology residents are about basic
histology procedures. Our lab director was enlightened and he made all the
path residents spend  5 full days in the histo lab following the tissue
through the entire process from accession to H&E, then specials, IHC, EM
etc. They were chaffing by the second day, but by the 5th they were very,
very appreciative of all the work that went on to get their slides and
stains  done. It made life a lot easier later because they actually
understand what was going on - and knew it was better to ask a tech what to
do rather than  just blindly (arrogantly?) do what ever they felt like

Tim Morken

I had a resident come in looking at at a block contemplating ordering a
special stain.  She looked and looked at the top of the block where tissue
is placed when grossing.

Finally she said.  "I need to order a special on this block, but there isn't
any more tissue."

The tech took the block out of her hand and turned it over. 

"OOOHHH, there it is."

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Or, perhaps the pathologist wanted sections from the opposite side of the

>>> Ford Royer <froyer <@t> bitstream.net> 02/23/05 09:43AM >>>
Jim Staruk wrote:

>I remember an older histologist I met in Florida who had the
>facing away from him as he cut ribbons!
>    Jim Staruk
>Mass Histology Service
Poor fellow... didn't know whether he was coming or going. Obviously due to
all those years of unbridled exposure to xylene &

formalin (or is that formaldehyde? ...I can never remember).

;-)  ~ Ford
Ford M. Royer, MT(ASCP)
Midwest Science Biocenter, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

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