[Histonet] plant samara

Julien Lambrey De Souza julien_lambreydesouza <@t> uqar.qc.ca
Tue Feb 15 08:51:01 CST 2005

Hello all histoneters,

I am having a hard time cutting samara (birch fruit) using the classical paraffin method. I am also having no success in finding information for this technique on the net and in relevant publications.

It seems that plant histology is not as popular as animal or human histology... and not as well documented.

I have no problem cutting the samara up to a certain date, after which the pericarp seems to harden. I must find a way to soften the pericarp of the samara prior to cutting for the more developed fruits.

I have tried soaking the blocks for a few days in a warm mixture of acetic acid and ethanol (1:9), but this yielded no success. 

I then have tried to soften the samara prior to infiltration with the same mixture. This doesn't seem to soften them at all. 

I would appreciate any advice. Is their anyone out there doing routine histology on plant material?


Julien Lambrey de Souza
Biologie Évolutive,
Université du Québec à Rimouski,

(418) 723-1986 #1438

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