[Histonet] Decloaking chamber problem

Brianna Jackson bjackson <@t> unipathllc.com
Wed Feb 9 11:39:56 CST 2005

Hello Everyone,


This question is for those of you using the Biocare Medical decloaking
chamber or the Dako Pascal decloaking chamber.  We're having trouble with
the coplin jars boiling over during retrieval during the depressurizing
portion of retrieval.  After the alarm sounds we turn the decloaker off and
don't disturb the chamber until it has completely depressurized.  We've
started using the taller coplin jars from Scienceware and it still happens.
It doesn't seem to be dependant on the type of retrieval solution, the
amount of retrieval solution in the coplin jar, barometric pressure, the
number of slides or whether or not we use the little perforated disk (heat
shield) in the bottom of the decloaker.  Our patient specimens are always
OK, being at the bottom of the slide, but we have to repeat cases that
boiled over because the control tissue at the top of the slide no longer
stains by IHC.  

            If anyone has figured out a solution to this problem any help
would be appreciated.




Brianna Jackson, BS, HTL(ASCP), QIHC


Denver, CO



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