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In the UK formaldehyde is a gas the concentrate bought is 37 - 40% gas
dissolved in water. This is then diluted to 4% gas in water, or 10% of the
commercial concentrate. Unfortunately there is no formal (sorry for the
pun) nomeclature for what is what. It is comonly accepted that formaldehyde
is the 37 - 40% concentrate and formalin (4% gas) is the diluted form.
While this may seem confusing I would be surpised at any histologist
attempting to use concentrated formaldehyde for histology. It is sometimes
used to fumigate saftey cabinets and cryostats though.


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Concerning Formaldehyde & Formalin.. I would like to hear from our
colleagues from around the world concerning the terminology and meaning of
the differences between Formaldehyde and Formalin. I was always under the
assumption that Formaldehyde was a gas "put" into water at it's highest
of 37 - 40 %. This 37-40% Formaldehyde when it is diluted with water then
becomes or receives the terminology called Formalin whether it is 10 %, 20%
etc... I am over in the UK and have been having some controversy with my
colleagues here in that they want to use "concentrated formalin" for a
particular procedure. If I take the formaldehyde purchased from my vendor
and make up what I call a concentrated solution ( 37% solution), I will
37% formalin, not the same thing. I feel that is confusing especially for
those of us across the ocean, because I will want to ask How concentrated?
If I hear the word formaldehyde, then I think of the 37-40% that we use to
make up our 10% NBF and I associate that in my mind as concentrate.  I
especially would like to hear from those in other countries across the
world. I even looked at a bottle of Formaldehyde that they have and it says
Formaldehyde (formalin). I'm going to search some texts and talk to some
chemists just because I want to be saying the correct thing without
confusing everyone when it comes to the procedure being done.
Thanks !

Mark Lewis

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