[Histonet] RE: Same Host Ab(fluorescence IHC) HELP...!!!

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   Hello Swaram,

   I have been testing this Jackon protocol once and could not figure out
   a good staining either. I presume that this type of protocol only
   works under "ideal" conditions. That means if you have exactly
   titrated all your reagents perfectly. Just a little too much of one
   reagent will result into non-specific, or better to say "unwanted"

   As mentioned on Histonet, the approach to biotinylate one primary via
   the Dako ARKit (or even both primaries via the Zenon kit), is much
   more safer.

   Good luck,

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      Dear Histonetters,
       Here   is  the  problem that is giving me a lot of grey hairs even
      I  am only 26. Its making me crazy and I am in deep despair. I cant
      on like this.. Please help..! :'(
       I   have   to   do   Fluorescent  based IHC on two proteins on old
       fixed  skin tissue. The first antibody telomerase is from Mouse. I
       goat  antimouse  Fab2  fragments  of  Alexa488  for  the secondary
       The  second  Ab  that  I have to stain is melanoma cells and I use
      Melanoma  cocktail  from  Biocare  Medicals  for this purpose. This
       again  from  Mouse and has several IgG subtypes like IgG1K, IgG2a,
       etc.   I  use  Goat antimouse TRITC as my secondary for this step.
    ! ;  t


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