[Histonet] DAPI vs. Hoescht

Caroline Bass cbass <@t> bidmc.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 14 14:16:23 CST 2005


I would like to stain my sections with something to highlight the  
nucleus.  I have heard that both DAPI and Hoescht are good.  Is there  
are reason to use one over the other?  I am looking for something  
very quick, easy and inexpensive.  I know that Molecular Probes makes  
an anti-fade with DAPI, but this is rather expensive and I am worried  
about not being able to optimize the conditions.

I am mainly interested in hearing info on the best formulation to  
use, a reliable company to purchase from, and any simple protocol you  
may have on hand.

I am staining liver sections, 10 micron, NBF fixed, cryoprotected.


Caroline Bass

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