[Histonet] DAPI vs. Hoescht

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Wed Dec 14 14:44:55 CST 2005

You can try Vectashield hard set with DAPI, and not find it so pricey. It 
also has antifade properties.  One thing is to have the correct filter on 
the microscope for DAPI, and it takes a special laser for confocal.  I 
would vote for the DAPI, it is right in the mounting media and is done in 
an instant when you mount the coverslip, no optimization is needed.  It 
stains the DNA without problems, and extremely easy.

If you have autofluorescence, look into Molecular Probes Image iT signal 

We love the Molecular Probes Prolong Gold antifade with DAPI, hard set - 
and ignore the expense in favor of excellent results.

At 01:16 PM 12/14/2005, you wrote:
>I would like to stain my sections with something to highlight the
>nucleus.  I have heard that both DAPI and Hoescht are good.  Is there
>are reason to use one over the other?  I am looking for something
>very quick, easy and inexpensive.  I know that Molecular Probes makes
>an anti-fade with DAPI, but this is rather expensive and I am worried
>about not being able to optimize the conditions.
>I am mainly interested in hearing info on the best formulation to
>use, a reliable company to purchase from, and any simple protocol you
>may have on hand.
>I am staining liver sections, 10 micron, NBF fixed, cryoprotected.
>Caroline Bass
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