[Histonet] double impregnation of mummy tissue

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This is essentially Peterfi's technic.
The celloidin is only present in the final block as a thin framework of celloidin that tend permeates the tissue and holds tissue together better than paraffin alone.
May not be necessary to use double embedding  if you are dealing with soft tissues. Peterfi's technic was designed for preparation of hard tissue samples.
An alternate fiztion procedure is Sandersons technic Am at home without my notes this weekend.
Hope this helps


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Hello All, I am reviewing a procedure for double impregnation of mummy
tissue. It is from a book published in 1980. My problem is I am not familiar
with the "purpose"(example: alcohol used for dehydration) of some of these
solutions/chemicals in the processing steps. If someone could explain any of
them maybe I could determine if there is a substitute product available. The
first is 8% Phenol in 95% alcohol. The second is amyl acetate.
In the double impregnation step they use 2%celloidin in methyl benzoate.
What is the benefit of a double impregnation technique?
The procedure instead of processing overnite is a 48 hour process. Why would
you need to extend for so long? Any information will be a start in the right
direction! Thankyou. Pam O'Neill BS HT/HTL (QIHC) SVMMC Toledo, Ohio

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