[Histonet] double impregnation of mummy tissue

Pam O'Neill onep00 <@t> hotmail.com
Sat Apr 16 00:39:34 CDT 2005

Hello All, I am reviewing a procedure for double impregnation of mummy 
tissue. It is from a book published in 1980. My problem is I am not familiar 
with the "purpose"(example: alcohol used for dehydration) of some of these 
solutions/chemicals in the processing steps. If someone could explain any of 
them maybe I could determine if there is a substitute product available. The 
first is 8% Phenol in 95% alcohol. The second is amyl acetate.
In the double impregnation step they use 2%celloidin in methyl benzoate. 
What is the benefit of a double impregnation technique?
The procedure instead of processing overnite is a 48 hour process. Why would 
you need to extend for so long? Any information will be a start in the right 
direction! Thankyou. Pam O'Neill BS HT/HTL (QIHC) SVMMC Toledo, Ohio

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