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Sun Apr 17 04:13:06 CDT 2005

Hi - I followed up on finding additional information about taking the PA
exam via the OJT route -

I contacted ASCP Board of Registry (BOR) about the Dec. 31 2007 deadline -
as to whether it would be similar to the "deadline" that the HT high school
OJT candidates have. The answer is YES, from Deborah Lyons, Assistant
Manager of ASCP BOR.

"Applicants determined eligible prior to the December 31, 2007 deadline for
OJT eligibility will be eligible to test for a period of five years from the
date of application, and yes they will have five attempts to pass the

In other words - if a PA OJT candidate takes the exam sometime before the
Dec. 31, 2007 deadline, but fails it - they still have 4 more tries to take
it (that's a total of 5 tries - the first time and 4 more  tries) over the
next five years.

So - if you are thinking about taking the exam, and don't know if you are
prepared enough - take it BEFORE the deadline anyway. If you pass it -
great. If you don't pass, then you've gotten some experience with the types
of questions on the exam, and you still have 4 more tries over the next five
years to study, study, study.

So the Dec. 31, 2007 deadline is a "deadline" for taking the PA exam the
first time.

(Remember, though, you still have the pay the application fee each time.)

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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