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The issue is not detachment, it is stain repulsion.  The extra charge on non-Erie slides tends to repel the stain away from the tissue when you use the Ventana systems with the liquid coverslip.  It does not pose problems for other instruments and has nothing to do with tissue falling off.  AND to further complicate things, other slides will work fine on the machines.  It is only certain batches that leave Germany (yes 9 times out of 10 is German slides) with an extra amount of charge.  So if you want to take the risk with other slides, go for it.  I don't have time to repeat immunos, so if they recommend a particular slide I use them.  
Now lets get on with our lives.

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I do not  have a section detachment problem with the
non-Erie + slides from  StatLabs.

I just want to add that I  HAVE had a problem with sections detaching from 
the Surgipath + slides with my  Ventana ..... very frustrating.   Eliminated 
everything else as a  problem, then switched back to Superfrost Plus, and now no 
problems at  all.   Guess that's why I wasn't too keen on trying other  
brands, since having sections fall off after a 3-1/2 hour immuno run was  maddening 
to all of us, especially the  pathologists! 
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