[Histonet] Paraffin embedding

Pablo Sánchez Quinteiro psanquin <@t> lugo.usc.es
Tue Sep 21 13:20:20 CDT 2004

Dear listers,

After the summer break I am back to the list with my first lab headache of
the season.

The first thing I did was replacing all the liquids in the paraffin
embedder, Hopefully the first embedding (pieces of mouse brain fixed in
Paraformaldehyde 4%) should be nice, but when cutting the blocks in the
microtome I have realized that they are dreadfully ruined. I think that the
fixation is correct as I have processed pieces from the same animal with
the vibratome and they seem fine.

So probably something is wrong with the embedding. Perhaps with the new
liquids should I decrease the time of the embedding specially the final
paraffin steps. Have you got some hint? How long do you suggest? They are
very small brain pieces from postanatal mice.

Thre paraffin I use is Tissue-Tek III 4502 from SAKURA Have you got some
input about it?

Thanks in advance


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