[Histonet] Land snail dissection.

Margaret Horne mhorne <@t> upei.ca
Thu Sep 9 11:24:02 CDT 2004

      I am sorry that you do not often have the pleasure of eating 
lobster. If you are ever in Prince Edward Island , Canada , then I 
will feed you lobster. You might find it an interesting comparison 
with the Mediterranean lobster which has a different flavour and 

       Thank you for the recipe for escargot; I love them and always 
wanted to know how to cook them. I sent the recipe to my 
daughter who plans on going to Italy next summer on an 
archaeological dig and she sent me back a rough translation, 
which you can find in the attachment.  

                                       Bon Appetit,
Margaret Horne ,
Histology Teaching Assistant,
Dept. of B.SC.,
Atlantic Veterinary College, U.P.E.I.,
550 University Ave., Charlottetown,
P.E.I.,  C1A 4P3 

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