[Histonet] Land snail dissection.

Philip Oshel peoshel <@t> wisc.edu
Thu Sep 9 10:49:32 CDT 2004

Gammarus! One of my favorite critters -- did a lot of work on them at 
Memorial in St. John's NF. I didn't try soda water, but, yes it 
should work fine, and I agree, the CO2 should be what does the job.
Lobster with garlic and butter ... mmm ... amazing how much lobster 
is left over to be "disposed of" when doing EM on the sinus gland.

>I used to use soda water to temporarily put Gammarus,a small
>crustacean, to sleep; I immersed them in it til they stopped
>twitching. I was told it was the CO2 that did it. Had to be careful
>not to overdo it and kill them, as I needed to recover them.
>           As for lobster , I put them in the freezer for about 20 min or
>so til they hardly move , and then plunge them in boiling water
>head first. They supposedly die before waking up , so the theory
>goes. Makes me feel a little better and I don't lift the lid  :-).
>                Lobster goes well with garlic and butter too,
>                                          Margaret
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