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I saw the ThermoElectron unit demo'd at NSH a few weeks ago.  It looked really amazing.

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	Hi Paula,
	As agents for Thermo Electron in New Zealand I am going to extoll the
	virutes of the Shandon models.
	Unlike some on the market the Shandon uses foil tape and heated stylus. This
	burns the info into the cassette.
	They can print conventional and 2D barcodes and manage to print up to 3
	lines of 19 characters. The software is fully configurable to customise the
	printing to your requirements.
	I have contacted several users througout NZ and Australia who all love the
	product. A couple of labs have 2 or 3 running at the same time.
	I think the biggest benefit is having totally legible cassettes and
	therefore a clear audit trail.
	Other users may like to comment.
	To get more info I suggest contacting your Thermo Electron agent or email
	them on clinical.diagnostics <@t> thermo.com.
	Hope this helps
	Darren James
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	My company is possibly interested in purchasing a histology cassette
	Could you please provide information on the different manufactures that
	offer printers?  What are the pro/cons?  Is it really that worth it to
	purchase one? Does it really save that much time?  Are they easy to use?
	Any information, suggestions, and comments are greatly appreciated.
	Thank you,
	Paula Lucas
	Bio-Path Medical Group
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