[Histonet] Susbstitute for barbitol based veronal acetate buffer

George Cole georgecole <@t> ev1.net
Sat Oct 2 10:24:44 CDT 2004

Lo and behold, I'm on GOOGLE.!!! I sent a message to the net answering
an inquiry about replacing the barbitol buffer with something.  As I had
found Sigma 221 Alkaline Buffer to be better in every way, I sent a
reply on the Histonet. Then, Mary North, the great gal who replaced me
in the muscle and nerve lab here, informed me that the 221 buffer, once
listed as 221 Alkaline buffer was now listed in the Sigma catalog as
Alkaline Buffer A 9226.  I sent a message to the histonet to that
effect. Today, calling up GOOGLE, I entered 221 Alkaline buffer, and got
a copy of my   Histonet message about the change in the Sigma catalog
number.  YOIKS!!! I didn't know every message on the histonet would be
copied for GOOGLE .  I am now composing a three volume version  of MY
LIFE.--- Ah Hem!!!----, and I will send it to the net---then you may
read it,  I suppose, on GOOGLE under "Good ol' George"  TA DAH!!!  (Bows
being taken.)      

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